Petrol Filling Stations

Check Oil Tanker Access using Swept Path Analysis Software

Petrol Filling Stations

New and altered petrol filling stations require access by various vehicle types, especially an oil tanker. Vehicle swept path analysis is an invaluable tool to assess accessibility at the design stage. Often petrol filling station sites are constrained within larger development sites and access, particularly for the tanker delivery vehicle, can be difficult and needs careful consideration.

The swept path analysis below shows the simulated swept path of an oil tanker delivering fuel to a petrol filling station site. The analysis demonstrated to the client that the tanker is able to access the site to service the petrol station without a problem.

Oil Tanker Access and Egress from a Petrol Filling Station
Oil Tanker

For this vehicle tracking analysis, an Oil Tanker has been used to determine the swept path. The dimensions of the vehicle used are illustrated below. The vehicle overall length is 15.289 metres and 2.5 metres wide with a 6.670 metres kerb to kerb turning radius.

Oil Tanker Swept Path Analysis Vehicle Model

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