Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Software

Used for Swept Path Analysis

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Software

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Software is a computerised software program which is used to predict the swept path analysis of steered vehicles on digital site layouts including loading bays, junctions, roundabouts, petrol forecourts & service areas.  Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is an industry standard vehicle simulation mapping tool and is used daily by designers and engineers around the world.

The Autodesk Vehicle Tracking vehicle library includes 1000’s of vehicles allowing us to meet the clients vehicle requirements. If we can't find the vehicle you need within the 1,000 or so vehicles that are supplied within the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking software, other vehicle libraries are available containing hundreds more vehicles. Alternatively, we can assist with the creation of a bespoke vehicle for assessment purposes.

Further information on Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Software can be seen here.

National Design Vehicle Libraries included in Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

  • UK (FTA)
  • Netherlands (CROW)
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Germany (EAHV, FGSV)
  • Austria (HEFT)
  • Switzerland (VSS)
  • Canada (TAC)
  • Australia (AUSTROADS)
  • New Zealand (TNZ)
  • South Africa (SANRAL)

Libraries of real vehicles included in Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

  • European Vehicles
  • North American Vehicles
  • Specialist Vehicles
  • 3D Presentation Vehicles

Require Assistance with a Swept Path Analysis?

Sanderson Associates have enjoyed over 34 years in business, we have extensive experience in assisting our Clients with Swept Path Analysis Drawings and other Highway Planning Matters for a wide variety of major and minor developments throughout the whole of the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland.

We would be pleased to provide you with our competitive fee proposal to assist you with a Swept Path Analysis, please call us on 01924 844080 or click here to complete our secure online form.

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