Office, Industrial and Retail Developments

Using Swept Path Analysis Software

Office, Industrial and Retail Developments

For office, industrial and retail servicing developments a swept path analysis is often required. The swept path analysis allows the designer to be confident that their development can be accessed and serviced efficiently and safely.

The increase in the 'DOT COM' delivery vehicles by many supermarket chains would also need assessing, especially since their existing service areas may be restricted.

The swept path analysis below shows a 16.5m Articulated Vehicle within a service yard to determine if the vehicle can enter in forward gear, reverse back into the loading dock and exit in forward gear.

Swept Path Analysis of Articulated Vehicle Access and Egress Retail Service Yard

Require Assistance with a Swept Path Analysis?

Sanderson Associates have enjoyed over 34 years in business, we have extensive experience in assisting our Clients with Swept Path Analysis Drawings and other Highway Planning Matters for a wide variety of major and minor developments throughout the whole of the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland.

We would be pleased to provide you with our competitive fee proposal to assist you with a Swept Path Analysis, please call us on 01924 844080 or click here to complete our secure online form.

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