Abnormal Load Route Planning

Using Swept Path Analysis Software

Abnormal Load Route Planning

Abnormal load route planning needs to be assessed in order to determine whether large vehicles transporting the abnormal loads can safely negotiate the route required. For example, wind turbine blades and sections of their structures can be transported to development sites from the place of manufacture or port of arrival along the highway network within the confines of the highway. Swept Path Analysis can ensure that any necessary improvements to the highway network, such as widening, can be undertaken prior to the transportation taking place.

The swept paths below show a 50.0m Articulated Vehicle making a manoeuvre around the roundabout.

Swept Path Analysis 50m Articulated Vehicle Roundabout Manoeuvre
50m Articulated Vehicle

For this vehicle tracking analysis, a 50m Articulated Vehicle has been used to determine the swept path.  The details of the vehicle used are illustrated below. The vehicle overall length is 50.0 metres and 2.5 metres wide with a 9.8 metres wall to wall turning radius.

50m Articulated Vehicle Swept Path Analysis Model

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